Noises from the Swamp...

"Swamp music, R&B and even Southern rock, forming what Etouffee lovingly cals Swamp Rock."
- The Inlander
"Like a little rock 'n' roll mixed in with your swamp music? Look no further than Kelly Thibodeaux and Etouffee...roots music in the vein of Little Feat, Doug Kershaw and the Band."
CMJ Magazine
"Like some Voodoo priest, Thibodeaux's fiddle drives a blend of Bayou Boogie, Rock and Blues, leading the dancers onto the floor and keeping them there until they're panting and sweaty."
- Grand Targee's "Independent"
"Thibodeaux's fiddle sounds like a Theremin one minute, and the next like something you'd hear on the radio if the devil had a shortwave station up in the swamp."
- CMJ Magazine

Kelly Thibodeaux and Etouffee have shared the stage with...

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